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Why Is It Better to Buy Diamonds from A Professional Gemologist in Store Rather Than Online?

In the 21st century, the Internet has dramatically changed and the ways in which different businesses are operated. Now businesses are not only limited to their physical location, now you can also make purchases sitting at your home and making a few clicks of your mouse. Although buying online can save your effort as well as time, the question becomes can you really trust different online websites?

When it comes to buying diamonds, ultimately, all customers want to compare, look, touch and feel diamonds. The most significant aspect while choosing the right diamond is to compare each diamond with the naked eye.

Assorted hand-picked diamonds
Assorted hand-picked diamonds

Buying Online May Result in a Terrible Decision

The internet is, after all, the internet. It is a huge marketplace which is full with both good as well as bad merchants/sellers selling bad and good diamonds. If you have no knowledge about how to differentiate between a good and a bad diamond (most of us don’t know), you can make an expensive as well terrible decision if you do not take suggestion from an expert.

Most of the online stores just comprise a list of inventories their wholesalers and retailers are holding.  The online stores do not quality control or edit the stones; most of the online stores don’t even take possession of them or ever see them. In the wholesale inventory, there are tons of bad as well as good diamonds. It is also possible that you may find the same diamond also listed on other competing sites.

Online Ratings and Customer Testimonials Do Not Help with Diamond Purchase

It is easy to depend on customer testimonials as a meter of quality with other purchases. For example, if 100 users give an average rating of 4.8 stars, this means the probability of the product’s good quality is assured. However, online ratings and customer testimonials do not guide when it comes to buying a diamond. Diamonds have a different story as each diamond is unique in its own way. This product can’t be rated itself by the customers, only the merchants can rate this product.

The internal characteristics of a diamond, which the naked eye cannot see, can drive a great amount of the durability and intrinsic value of the stone. So a crowd of testimonials by satisfied customers might help to qualify an online diamond seller as a trustworthy merchant.  For instance, they accept refunds, they ship on time, but still there is no guarantee the diamond that looks amazing in pictures on the website is the best one that you could buy for the dollar.

Online Stores do not let you Contrast and Compare Diamond

Diamonds always look great on their own. They need to be contrasted and compared so the average person can form an opinion and select the one which he finds more pleasing to the eye as compared to others.

Another disadvantage of online stores is that you cannot compare and contrast diamonds. In this way, you are not able to assess the diamond’s beauty and understand the tradeoffs. Especially, the diamonds that are of fancy shapes. For example, with pear shapes, you need to check whether you desire a short, fat pear or a long thin pear. There are several fancy shape diamonds that display a bow tie reflection and your eyes can only decide whether it is offensive or not.

Other Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Diamonds Online

Some other common disadvantages of buying a diamond from an online store include the following:

  • You are at the mercy of the description of the diamond and related information provided on the website.
  • Online stores may fool you by tossing around terms such as ‘perfect diamonds’ and ‘ideal diamonds’ although they might not be perfect or ideal.
  • They can provide you with a false grading report that you should not trust.
  • Most importantly, they are not interested to keep a long-term relationship for services that are extremely important after the sale, such as, upgrading, tightening, cleaning and sizing.

Buying Diamonds from a Professional Gemologist in Store

When it comes to buying diamonds, there is no alternative to actually seeing the diamond in person. A great store with a professional gemologist will show you different options considering your price range. Moreover, a gemologist will educate you on the tradeoffs

Couple looking for custom rings
Couple looking for custom rings

that are required to be made amongst the 4Cs (cut, clarity, carat weight and colour). With proper guidance from a professional and qualified gemologist, you can purchase a great diamond that you have always desired.

Who is a Gemologist?

A gemologist is a gem expert who is responsible for examining gemstones, such as rubies, jade, diamonds and sapphires. A professional gemologist evaluates their value, quality and genuineness, utilizing knowledge of market valuations and gems. Gemologists examine the gem’s internal structure and surface by using several optical instruments, such as a microscope, refractometer and polariscope. They have complete knowledge on how to differentiate between fake and original stones. They can easily detect defects, flaws or peculiarities, having an impact on gem values and can also identify rare specimens. Hence, with the consultation of a professional gemologist in store, you can buy an ideal diamond, which is not possible from an online store.

Beside this, you can get gratification immediately. You can walk out of the store with the diamond in your pocket. There is no need to wait, as you have to wait in online purchases for the delivery of the product. Moreover, in a physical store, you may also find better credit plans for continued financing. There are also upgrade and buy-back policies which allow you to trade-up or trade-in the diamond at any time in the future.

Although, diamonds are the hardest material available on the planet, they do, however, require maintenance. Buying diamonds from a professional gemologist in a store gives you an opportunity to start a relationship with the store and you can go there whenever the diamonds need service, such as, prong tightening, cleaning and sizing.

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