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What the “cut of the diamond” should represent to the recipient?

It’s not just the colour of the stone or how many carats your diamond has that you need to consider. The cut of the diamond is every bit as important and each cut represents something different. If you’re not sure which to choose to give to your recipient, this article features some of the main cuts to help you decide which would be most suited to their personality.

The round cut

This cut means eternal love and this is why it is so often chosen for the wedding ring. However, a round cut diamond is also suitable for other occasions such as anniversaries, and they are an ideal choice for the special occasion in your life.

The heart cut

Again, this cut is perfect for anyone who is known to have a romantic streak in them, and for someone who isn’t scared to wear their heart on their sleeve and express how they truly feel.

The Pear shape

The pear shaped diamond is favoured by some as it can make the fingers look slimmer; this makes it a good choice for a person who might be self-conscious about the broadness of their fingers. The pear cut is also suitable for people who are less conventional and like something different.

The princess cut

This is perfect for the modern individual who likes a bit of glamour in their lives, but who also appreciates a touch of classic style; this cut is for those who like their jewellery fashionable and who like to try out the latest fashions. The princess cut is also extremely eye-catching and it is well suited to somebody who likes being the centre of attention.

The Emerald Cut

Perfect for the lady (or gentleman) who likes to stand out from the crowd, Emerald diamond is well suited to a person who has a lot of self-confidence and who recognises classic design.

The cushion cut

This is my personal favourite! If your recipient likes old-fashioned glamour, they will appreciate the cushion cut diamond. These are suitable for people who appreciate elegance and style, and who aren’t scared of wearing accessories that are distinctive.


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