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Wedding bands made from multiple metals

Yellow gold, white gold, platinum, titanium and rose gold are commonly used to create wedding bands, but a growing trend is to use multiple metals to create an eye-catching style that is unique to the wearer.

However, aside from creating a unique style, there is another reason why you might want to opt for multiple metals: choosing varying metals will provide a wider range of styling options, and they’ll give you more flexibility than a traditional style wedding band.

Here are some combinations that you can try…………….

Gold and silver – if you don’t want to be too ambitious, a simple gold and silver combination is a safe choice. Try a classic yellow gold with a white gold or you could mix it up a bit and go with something a little different such as palladium along with yellow or rose gold.

White and Rose gold – white and rose gold will also make for a classic combination. You could have multiple layers of each for a stripped effect, or try one layer of white gold and one layer of rose gold.

Platinum, white, yellow and rose gold – for a truly outstanding combination, why not consider four different metals? The various metals can be used for a striking effect, which will be different from most others available.

White, yellow and rose gold – again, this combination can be used to create a plait effect, and combining the three different metals will produce a stunning looking design.

Platinum, white gold and yellow gold – these blend well together if you are looking for three durable metals. This three tone effect is especially good for a man’s wedding ring.

Platinum and palladium – palladium is an especially hardwearing metal and it can go well with platinum. Their colours aren’t too different so this makes an ideal choice if you are looking for something subtle.

Titanium which can be mixed with some other metals is fabulous if you want something super lightweight and are budget conscious. Also tungsten is another option for the budget conscious who want something funky.

Choosing different metals can help to create a more striking, unique wedding band. In addition, selecting a blend of metals will also give you greater flexibility and styling options. For a bespoke design, speak to a gemmologist, who can help you find a winning combination.

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