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Unusual trinkets and gem cuts

To make a piece of jewellery special, it should be as individual as possible. It should speak volumes about the person who is wearing it and reflect their personality too. That’s not often possible in mass-produced jewellery, which is why you need to look for something more unusual and seek out rare gem cuts and trinkets.

How to find unusual gem cuts

One of the best starting places will be your local gemmologist. Even if they can’t always supply a special gem cut immediately, they’ll have good contacts and know where to go for unusual gemstones and cuts.

Another way of finding distinctive pieces is by searching the online marketplaces. You might find something on the larger auction sites like eBay, however specialist gemstone auction sites are a particularly good hunting ground.

Sites like and have cutters and miners who can supply individual and rare pieces. You can find some truly one-off cuts too, although some may be a bit pricey, but there are bargains if you’re prepared to search for them.

Revamp an old piece of jewellery

A further option is to breathe new life into an old piece of jewellery and create a unique trinket that you just wouldn’t be able to buy in a store.

Far too many people discard old jewellery instead of seeing if it can be transformed into something different. For instance, the stones from an old brooch or necklace could be set into a ring or locket or recut for a bespoke piece that would be unlike any other.

When choosing your next piece of jewellery, don’t be afraid to be bold or individual. There are several ways to obtain one-off gemstone cuts or trinkets and to create a truly remarkable piece. Go to a gemmologist and visit specialist auctions online. To commission a bespoke item of jewellery, speak to the expert team at Diamonds by Design.

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