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Engagement ring trends

Unique Engagement Rings Sydney

An engagement ring is absolutely the ultimate symbol of love, promise and commitment! There is nothing more personal, and it eventually becomes a symbol of who you are. So your ring really has to reflect your personality and style — and who you are. Here are the most important trends for unique engagement rings in Sydney!

“It just depends on which celebrity is getting married next”

The main trend today in diamond engagement rings appears to be the cut of the main stone — fancy shapes are most definitely in, especially pear shaped, thanks to Ariana Grande despite the fact that her whirlwind engagement to Pete Davidson didn’t last long, but oval and cushion-cut diamonds are increasingly popular too, and so are shields and trilliants. They all set the ring apart from the classic round brilliant cut stones. More fiancées and brides are seeking their own bold, distinctive look redolent of elegance and personality — and they are also going for unusual ring bands.

For traditional brides

The three-stone ring is right back in fashion too, due to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s choice of engagement ring — and so is yellow gold.

Vintage engagement rings, particularly Art Deco, never went out of fashion, but they tend to be fragile and not for everyday wear.

For less traditional brides

Jewellery trends are not nearly so ephemeral as fashion, and stacked rings in mixed metals are very popular now, especially with the young, and so are multiple wedding rings.

A diamond halo, or even a halo of coloured stones, really brings the centre stone to life, enhances it and makes it appear larger. Sparkling haloes have always looked elegant and sophisticated, and now they are becoming ever more interestingly and creatively shaped.

Pavé bands and double bands are in demand.

There are far more unusual, individual and innovative geometric and asymmetric designs.

And generally

Coloured diamonds tend to be more sought after at the moment than coloured stones such as sapphires, emeralds and aquamarines, although Princess Eugenie’s padparadscha sapphire ring has attracted a lot of attention.

Call Karen at Diamonds by Design for inspiration

Whatever stones and settings you think you like, and especially at a time when your whole life may seem to be overwhelmed with choices, you don’t need to break the bank, but you do need a trusted jeweller. Karen understands that this is a ring you are planning to wear for life, and then pass on to the next generation. When you go to see Karen at Diamonds by Design, she’ll talk you right through everything, including insurance. She will explain all the possibilities, and then respect your decision. And she’ll create the ring of your dreams for you, timeless, handcrafted and custom-made.

Cool & Unique Engagement Rings Syndey

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