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Ideas for unique engagement rings

Engagement Ring Ideas, Styles & Settings in Sydney

The TOP engagement ring ideas, settings and styles for 2020! Contact Karen – jewellery designer in Sydney, for unique pieces of jewellery for the bride-to-be!

Emma Stone has just set a new trend with her Pearl Snowflake Ring, described as “a wearable work of art, worthy of any collection.” That seems to have opened the floodgates to a wave of unique rings. No longer does the solitaire diamond reign among brides-to-be — now colour is acceptable and designs can be ultra-modern and tailored to the individual.

How about a luxuriously romantic, unique statement ring?

From emeralds in sleek, modern settings to antique rings featuring several coloured stones that spell out a personal message, fiancées are opting for distinctive, personalised rings set with moonstones, pearls, morganite or whatever happens to appeal to them. No diamonds only rings for these ladies! Old rules no longer apply — an engagement ring is an accessory that will be treasured for life, but it is also a reflection of one’s personal taste. And nowadays brides are leaning away from the traditional towards the individual.

An entirely different look: fresh, unique, and very personal

For example, a diamond ring can be transformed by the addition of geometric-cut coloured stones — or changing it from a north-south to an east-west orientation.

Art Deco is one of the most popular antique engagement ring styles. Their bold, geometric designs and high-quality workmanship make them a great vintage choice

Antique rings can also do the trick. While diamonds and sapphires dominate as stones, it is the settings that set vintage and antique apart: exquisite workmanship, complex designs and a splash of colour. For example, black onyx combined with rubies and diamonds is just one of the combinations beloved of that era which can give a distinctive, personal twist to the standard engagement ring.

Go for it, luv

At last women are daring to follow their own personal tastes and no longer submit to the standard choices that are available. But, to achieve their realistic goals and key objectives, they need the help of an expert – a jeweller with many years of experience in helping to turn vision into reality. Karen Lindley is such a person and her warm personality makes it a pleasure to work with her. Coupled with her sterling reputation and her commitment to dealing only in stones that have been mined in ethical conditions, Karen is the perfect person to create unique pieces of jewellery for the bride-to-be. Contact Karen today!

Custom Engagement Ring Ideas, Styles & Settings – Sydney Jewellery Designer

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