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Tradition: Generational Engagement Rings

As noted in the New York Times recently, the young are realising just how meaningful and romantic engagement rings that have been in the family can be. It was once traditional to spend a substantial sum of money on a new engagement ring, but that is considered old-fashioned now and everyone understands the value of generational engagement rings.

Prince William gave Catherine Middleton his mother’s ring when they got engaged. As he explained at the time, the ring was extra special because of that and would make him feel his mother was with him on his wedding day.

A family ring is not just about saving money or tradition: it’s about giving something that has extra meaning and it helps to keep the ring in the family and history alive.

Adapting and Restoring a Generational Ring

Of course a ring that has been in the family may not be suitable for the person it is handed down to, but it can usually be adapted. In Catherine Middleton’s case, it was resized but numerous other alterations can be made.

The stone can be set into a different shape, remounted, polished or completely refurbished. You could consider a new setting, or opt for a bespoke design. Alternatively, you might like the ring to be updated to make it contemporary and suitable for a new generation.

To find out more about adapting or restoring your generational ring, speak to a gemmologist who can explain all the different options available and help preserve your ring for the future.

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