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The Most Amazing Blue Diamonds and Who Owns Them

Top 4 Expensive Diamonds & Their Famous Owners

Sought-after gems often go for extraordinary prices at auction. And over the years there have been some notable surprises. For instance, blue and pink diamonds have regularly exceeded expectations and sold for millions.

Read on to find out about some of the most expensive gems in the world and who currently owns them.

The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

Jeweller Laurence Graff originally brought the diamond for $23 million in 2008, but to improve its colour, clarity and value, he had it recut and repolished before reportedly selling it for more than $80 million.

The famous stone originally belonged to King Philip IV of Spain and is now owned by a member of the Al-Thani Qatari royal family.

Chopard Blue Diamond Ring

Blue diamonds are very rare, hence the astonishing prices they reach at auction. And the Chopard Blue ring is no exception.

This ring, which features a 9-carat blue diamond centrepiece on a triangular shoulder of diamonds set in an 18-carat white gold diamond pavé band, sold at auction for more than $16 million.

Where is it now? Recent reports indicate it is now in the possession of the Scheufele family, who co-own Swiss-based jewellery company Chopard.

Heart of the Ocean

Anyone who has watched the 1997 film Titanic will recognise this necklace. The fictional Heart of the Ocean jewel was such a significant feature towards the end of movie that a replica was made by renowned jewellery designer Harry Winston.

The Heart of the Ocean necklace has a blue diamond centrepiece, and the movie prop was said to be worth a staggering $17 million.

At the time of writing, it is unclear who owns the Harry Winston replica, but the original movie prop was kept by Twentieth Century Fox.

The Hope Diamond

The 45.52 -carat Hope diamond is reported to be insured for $250 million.

A larger blue stone was stolen from the French royal family and recut at the end of the eighteenth century and the largest section bought by a London banking family named Hope. It has had several owners since, including French jeweller Pierre Cartier.

New York jeweller Harry Winston purchased it in 1949 and later donated it to the National Gem and Mineral collection at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. , where it is on permanent exhibition.


Several recent auctions have seen jewellery reaching record prices. Perhaps not surprisingly, diamonds have achieved the highest prices, with blue diamonds proving to be the most treasured of all.

For a priceless piece of jewellery that you can treasure forever, contact Diamonds by Design today to see how we can help.

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