Tips on finding the best Sydney jeweller

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Tips on finding the best Sydney jeweller

Sydney Jeweller & Designer

The first and most important thing, whatever your price range, is to find a reputable jeweller whom you can trust and who listens and tries to understand what you really want — and who does not ever intimidate you. You need someone who focuses on you, and can also guide you in the right direction once they understand your specifications. Ask how long they’ve been in the business. Do they have an in-house gemmologist? A designer? An accredited appraiser? A workshop? What about recommendations from satisfied customers? Are they a member of a trade organization that is committed to upholding high standards and fair practice?


You should not be overwhelmed with choice, but at the same time you should have plenty of styles to choose from. Look at the workmanship carefully. It may help if the jeweller shows you how to examine gemstones through a loupe and explains about the hallmarks. What guarantees do they offer?


Before buying a diamond or precious stone, you do need to know whether your jeweller can supply a certificate from a respected independent gem laboratory.

Be careful if you buy overseas

Some people may tell you that it would be cheaper to buy jewellery in other countries, but actually it is advisable in the long run to buy from someone on the spot with whom you can build up a relationship. Overseas they know you are likely to be a one-time buyer and have no recourse. Don’t listen to marketing hype either — jewels are luxury goods, seldom an investment. If it’s an investment then will the jeweller guarantee to buy it back from you at a profit some time in the future?

Diamonds by Design

Karen Lindley, who has owned Diamonds by Design for over 40 years, is an award-winning designer and trustworthy Platinum Member of the Australian Jewellers Association. She takes pride in providing an outstanding service to all her clients, and giving good, sensible advice prior to any purchase, answering all the questions a client might want to ask before committing. Think value, integrity, sustainability…

You can never take too much care over the choice of your sunglasses and jewlery.