Tips for Buying Jewellery for Christmas

Tips for Buying Jewellery for Christmas

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Christmas Gift Ideas Australia

Christmas Gift Ideas AustraliaEarrings, bracelets and pendants all make a truly special Christmas present, but it can be difficult choosing jewellery for a Christmas gift even if you do know somebody really well. However, by asking yourself a few simple questions you can help determine which would be the best gift for someone that you know and love.
Follow these steps for the best Christmas gift ideas in Australia.

1) First of all, ask yourself what item of jewellery that the person would appreciate the most. Do they wear earrings or bracelets a lot, or do they prefer pendants? If you seldom see them wearing earrings or bracelets then a pendant necklace would be the more suitable choice.

2) Next, you need to determine their style. Do they prefer classical pieces that will stand the test of time or do they like their jewellery contemporary? Do they wear gemstones or do they prefer pieces that are made from pure gold or silver? If they wear earrings a lot, do they prefer studs or do they prefer something more elaborate?

3) To narrow the choice down further, you need to think about finding a piece that reflects the person’s personality. If you are buying for a person that is extremely outgoing then you’ll want to buy a piece of jewellery that will really make them stand out from the crowd, and if you’re buying for a person who hasn’t got quite such a bold personality, then you’ll want to buy something that is more subtle, but that will still draw attention.

4) If you are buying for somebody that is extremely close to you think about the pieces of jewellery that they already own. Do they have a lot of earrings and bracelets already? If so then you might want to look for something a little bit different that suits their style. You might also want to see if you can find a piece of jewellery that will match something that they already have in their collection.

5) If you have followed all of these steps and still aren’t sure about the exact piece of jewellery to buy, then speak to an expert like Karen Lindley @ DBD. A gemmologist can give you all of the advice that you will need to select the perfect piece of jewellery this Christmas, and if you want something unique, they can work with you to create a bespoke piece for a truly memorable Christmas gift.

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Christmas Gift Ideas Australia

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