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Three Famous cursed rings

Throughout history, there have been many tales of cursed rings. Whether any of these stories are true will be difficult to prove, but they have provided people with something to pique their interest and give them something to talk about.

Here are three of the highest profile stories about cursed rings that have surfaced in recent years.

The Cursed Roman Ring

A Roman ring first discovered in the 1700s is believed to be the inspiration behind the classic J.R.R. Tolkien book The Hobbit, and it’s also thought that the ancient ring, which was found in Hampshire, is cursed. The story behind the ring suggests it was once the possession of a Roman God called Silvanus, but when the ring was stolen a curse was placed upon it, and the Gods were asked to “strike down” the man who had taken it. The golden ring has now been put on display by the National Trust in London.

The Cursed Family Heirloom Ring

In early 2016, it was reported that a cursed heirloom ring was stolen in a house burglary in New Zealand. Owner Alexander McCartney explained that as his grandmother was keen for the ring to kept in the family, his grandmother asked for a curse to be placed on it; it seems the curse has worked, because the alleged thief was caught through DNA, but unfortunately the treasured ring has yet to be found.

Cursed ring recall?

In 2014, it was widely reported that a famous jewellery store had been forced to withdraw millions of cursed rings due to the negative side effects they were having. The story was quick to take off and there were even pictures of protests, however, as the story originated from satirical news site The Onion, most people consider it unlikely that any of the rings brought from the store were actually cursed.

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