Then and now. What jewellery said about a person in history vs now

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Then and now. What jewellery said about a person in history vs now

What jewellery says about a person

Throughout history, jewellery has been worn to represent us as a person and to convey our inner most feelings. Until this day, jewellery has always been about symbolism, and it also speaks volumes about a person’s social status. Here, we look at some of the key periods of history and what jewellery said about the person who wore it.

Victorian era

In Victorian times, if a person wore a piece of jewellery that was adorned with ivy, this would represent true love or marriage.
Engagement rings would contain a birthstone and gold was commonly used in creating jewellery pieces. Mourning jewellery was also a core part of Victorian times and it was worn as necklaces, rings and other pieces.
Jewellery also said a lot about the wealth of the person that was wearing it; fine jewellery was seen as a symbol of class and of aspiration
Mustard seed jewellery was worn as a sign of faith, but it became popular again during war times as sign of hope.

Roman era

In both Ancient Roman and Greek times, jewellery was again viewed as a symbol of wealth.  During Roman times, the wealthier people would wear fine jewellery that would be made from gold or silver, while people with less money wore jewellery from cheaper materials such as bronze.
When children were given jewellery to wear, it wasn’t purely for decoration: jewellery was worn as an amulet to ward away bad luck such as poor health and evil spirits.

Modern Times

Today, jewellery is still often viewed as symbolic of the social class of the wearer, but if we wanted to show out true feelings, we might select a specific piece. For example, if we want to express our desire to stay with someone forever, we might opt for an eternity ring, or we might choose a Celtic ring as a symbol of infinity and power.

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