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The Most Common Jewellery Repairs

It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your precious jewels, there is likely to come a time when they will need some degree of restoration. Many of the repairs will be simple, but you shouldn’t attempt them yourself in case you damage the jewellery.

Below are some of the most common jewellery repairs:

Lost stones – as jewellery ages some stones may fall out. If it’s a tiny stone that isn’t integral to the piece then it probably won’t be too obvious and you might prefer to leave it as it is. However, if the piece has a precious stone as a centrepiece, consider getting it repaired to restore it to its full glory.

Chains – chains often show signs of age and can easily break. Broken chains tend to be straightforward repairs, so get them fixed as soon as you can if you want to preserve them. Hooks and clasps have a tendency to snap and often need repairing too.

Resizing – weight loss, pregnancy and the ageing process are just some of the main reasons why a ring could need resizing. Perhaps the ring size was never quite right – get it resized to avoid losing it.

Restringing – beaded necklaces or bracelets won’t always stand the test of time and the cord becomes worn and weak as it ages. When the cords fray, they may snap and you could end up losing the beads. If you notice any signs of wear, consider getting your favourite bracelet/necklace restrung.

Broken prongs – wear and tear can leave ring prongs in need of re-tipping so that the gemstones they are holding don’t fall out. Prongs can also be replaced entirely if the wear is substantial.

Other common jewellery repairs include fixing discoloration, which can occur as your jewellery ages. With expertise, it’s usually possible to fix these problems so you can continue to enjoy your jewellery.

Alternatively, your jewellery can be transformed into a new, bespoke piece if it’s beyond repair. For advice on jewellery repairs, speak to a gemmologist at Diamonds by Design.


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