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The Importance of Heirlooms

Jewellery Redesign

The most precious pieces of jewellery are family heirlooms; a piece of jewellery that can be passed down from generation to generation means that special piece will always be a part of the family’s history.
According to some recent news stories, some people don’t value heirlooms as much in these modern times, but there is something truly special about a piece of antique jewellery that can be passed along the family tree to be treasured for decades to come.

A heirloom might just be a little piece of family history to some, but it will always have a special meaning and will always be there for one generation to pass down to the next.

Heirlooms remind us of where we came from, of our family history, and of the people who might not be with us any longer. Heirlooms are priceless and precious and should be cared for and preserved when they can.

I was reminded how important heirlooms are a short while ago when a customer came in. I had worked on several pieces for this family and had created her wedding ring.

A special ring that I had created for this family was repurposed into a brooch. A short while ago, the customer came in with her grand-daughter. The twenty one-year-old had inherited the brooch and wanted it transformed back into a ring.

Creating heirlooms is something I absolutely love doing and seeing the pleasure that they can bring to my customers is one of the most special parts of my job. Repairing and repurposing a classic piece of jewellery gives it a new lease of life, and makes it special for someone else.

By working with an experienced gemmologist, a vintage piece of jewellery can be turned into a brand new piece perfect for modern times. For customers requiring our remaking and remodelling service, Diamonds by Design, will work carefully with our clients to create a whole new item of jewellery from an existing piece or expertly repair a piece of jewellery to ensure it can be valued for years to come.

Diamonds by Design can take any piece of jewellery and redesign it, reassemble it, and repurpose it into a brand new piece. Whether a customer has a ring that they want to turn into a brooch, or transform any other piece of jewellery into a unique new piece, then our company will work with clients to help them achieve this.

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