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The dos and don’ts of selling your jewellery

Before you sell your jewellery, here are some basic dos and don’ts to consider. By following these tips you’ll have a much better idea of your jewellery’s value and be less likely to sell it too cheaply. However, if you are uncertain about the price offered, keep it for now or perhaps remake the pieces into something more wearable.


  • DO find out as much as you can about your jewellery. Learn what you can about its history, its provenance and its true worth. You can get a good idea of its value by getting it appraised but, remember, you’ll only get the market price if you sell to a dealer.
  • DO have the jewellery repaired only if that will add significantly to its value.
  • DO write detailed descriptions and obtain clear photographs from all angles when auctioning jewellery online. Buyers won’t be able to examine the item before purchasing it, so your descriptions and photos need to be detailed enough to give a buyer all possible information.
  • DO set a reserve price. When selling at auction, sometimes the demand just isn’t there – you don’t want to let your jewellery go too cheaply.
  • DON’T sell your jewellery to the first dealer you find. If you want to make a quick sale, you might think it is a good idea to sell to the first dealer you see, but it is worth visiting several and getting quotes online too. Some dealers offer more than others.
  • DON’T sell your jewellery if there isn’t a demand for it. Consider keeping it for a while instead. Trends come and go, and the less collectible or sought after your jewellery is the less you will get for it.
  • DON’T sell your jewellery without checking the latest rates. Prices for gems and precious metals are constantly changing – get the most up-to-date valuation before you sell.
  • DON’T mix cheaper jewellery in with more expensive pieces. If you sell jewellery this way, you are likely to get less for it. Separate your expensive pieces from the cheaper items and offer the more valuable ones for sale separately rather than in lots.


For an appraisal of your jewelry, to discuss restoration or repair or to commission a bespoke piece, contact Diamonds by Design.


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