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The DIY Jewellers of YouTube

Although YouTube has become famous for its viral video clips, it has far more to offer than pure entertainment: YouTube can also be a valuable educational tool, especially if you are taking up a new hobby or want to develop an existing one.

Many DIY jewellers have set up their own channels providing step-by-step tutorials and hints and tips for both beginner and advanced jewellery makers. This blog introduces you to some of the growing numbers of DIY jewellers out there.

DIY Jewellery Making

DIY Jewellery Making is brought to you by the magazine of the same name. There’s a vast range of jewellery tutorials to choose from, so no matter what level you are at, or what area interests you, you’ll find a suitable project. The beaded butterfly is one of the most popular tutorials so far, with more than 300,000 views. You can find them here.

Making paper beads

If saving the environment is at the forefront of your mind, you might enjoy making paper beads. As people become more environmentally conscious, this type of jewellery making is becoming increasingly popular, and this tutorial will get you started in this fun craft.

Beads and Basics

Beads and Basics have attracted a loyal crowd on YouTube and they’ve shared several tutorials on their channel, including a fishtail bracelet and a rose bracelet. They have almost 5,000 subscribers, and if you want to join their growing list, you can find them here.

The London Jewellery School

One of the advantages YouTube offers is access to some of the world’s best jewellery schools. The London Jewellery School is just one offering step-by-step instructions for a range of different projects that will ignite your passion for jewellery making and help you develop your hobby. Find out more by visiting them online.

Video tutorials are a great way to develop your jewellery-making skills. There is no shortage of experts and amateurs happy to share DIY tutorials that you can watch in your own time to create your own outstanding pieces. However, if you need the advice of an expert for that extra-special piece of jewellery, call Diamonds by Design today.

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