The difference between anniversary and birthday jewellery

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The difference between anniversary and birthday jewellery

Birthdays and anniversaries are both important milestones and, as they are such special days, jewellery is often a favoured gift – jewellery is a keepsake that should last forever – rather than a throwaway present with little long-term sentimental value.

However, when selecting milestone jewellery, there are some subtle differences between anniversary and birthday pieces to think about.

Birthday jewellery

When selecting birthday jewellery, there are no hard and fast rules: your first consideration should be the person’s personality, preferences and favourite colours.

You’ll also want to think about their age and what type of jewellery would be most appreciated. For instance, a younger person is likely to appreciate a fresher style, and the more mature they are the more they’re likely to value tradition and classic gems – perhaps a diamond for a special 18th birthday pendant, or to mark a 40th birthday.

Alternatively, a piece set with the appropriate birthstone is also a good choice as a gift, and it certainly narrows down your options if you’re finding it difficult to select the perfect gem.

Anniversary jewellery

Although customs vary from country to country, there are specific traditions surrounding anniversary jewellery. For example, the 25th anniversary is usually silver, the 30th pearl, the 35th coral, the 50th gold and for those lucky enough to stay together for 75 years it’s traditional to give diamonds.

However, you should still think about the preferences of the individual. For instance, a person who likes subtle jewellery will probably treasure a pair of delicate diamond earrings or a pearl bracelet, more than something showier and more obvious.


Jewellery is one of the most precious gifts you can give, so always consider the individual’s preference and what would best suit their style.

If you’re looking for that special gift, or need advice on how to make an anniversary or birthday a day to be remembered, speak to Diamonds by Design and we’ll be glad to help.

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