The beauty of modern indigenous jewellery

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The beauty of modern indigenous jewellery

Indigenous jewellery has always been a thing of beauty. It’s a craft that has managed to blend natural materials into outstanding creations, and even today it remains a firm part of the Aboriginal culture.

However, with the help of online platforms, designers are taking indigenous jewellery in a new direction. Jewellery makers have a chance to demonstrate the distinction of their modern indigenous jewellery and to reach a bigger audience.

Indigenous jewellery gets a wider audience

Aboriginal jewellery designers are getting support from recent initiatives. For instance, sites like the Australian-based provide an online platform for aboriginal artists and jewellers.

McCulloch & McCulloch has been focusing on The Indigenous Jewellery Project. This project holds regular workshops on how to craft resin, metals and natural materials into jewellery, helping to keep alive the indigenous tradition of jewellery.

Moreover, initiatives like the Indigenous Fashion Week and the Indigenous Runway Project, hosted in Sydney, highlight young jewellery designers who create striking pieces suitable for any catwalk collection.

A blend of natural and contemporary materials

Indigenous jewellery uses natural and modern materials to create pieces of striking, unusual beauty. For example, designer Katharine Buzzacott uses ininti seeds, wood, lace, silver and gems.

Other designers combine gumnuts, natural stone, boulder opals and sterling silver into bold jewellery that looks contemporary and appeals to a modern audience.

Contemporary trends are for intricate and colourful tribal designs. The flair of these pieces stands out from other looks, making them a good choice for someone who wants a piece of jewellery that honours the traditions of the past, but also gives them a new twist.


Indigenous jewellery has always possessed its own natural appeal and the appreciation for it endures, influenced by independent jewellery makers.

More recently, the passion for indigenous jewellery has persuaded retail stores to sell tribal-style necklaces, pendants and colourful, bold rings.

If you’ve been inspired by indigenous jewellery of the past or present and you are searching for an exceptional piece, let Diamonds by Design find or create that extra special piece for you.

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