The Art of Sterling Silver Jewellery

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The Art of Sterling Silver Jewellery

Silver Sterling Jewellery Sydney – Ultimate Guide!

Elegant, stunning, striking, versatile — just a few words that describe sterling silver. It is one of the world’s most popular precious metals, and most of us probably have at least one piece of it in our jewellery collection. But what about its history and how do you tell if a piece is made from genuine silver? This article answers all those questions.

History and Uses

Sterling silver began as an essential part of trade, and the term may come from Eastern Germany.

Ever since it was first used in jewellery, sterling silver has been combined with other metals including copper, which remains a vital component of 925 jewellery.

Silver has always been hugely popular with craftsmen and today it’s as fashionable as ever with jewellery-makers.

Sterling silver is often used for candlesticks and cutlery too, and in musical instruments. Even now it is still undergoing new metamorphoses thanks to the creativity of modern jewellery designers.

Silver vs Silver-plated

It’s not difficult to get caught out when shopping for silver jewellery, especially when buying online. So how do you tell the difference between genuine silver and silver-plated? Silver is hallmarked and the figures 925 mean it’s 92.5 per cent or more silver.

When buying silver, always look for the 925 hallmark, and if buying online ask for certification and clear images that show the hallmark.

Different styles of Silver Jewellery

If you’re looking for sterling silver jewellery, here are some ideas:

Art Nouveau

This intricate look in rings, necklaces, brooches, chokers and pendants is sure to fascinate. Gemstones used often include diamonds, emeralds and sapphires.


If you want to wear a pendant on your silver chain, look for box chains as they give strength and durability. If you want a chain without the pendant, then consider Figaro or rope chains in silver.

Edgy designs

Some designers see silver jewellery taking on more of an avant-garde appeal, with bespoke designs and finishes. Watch out for this new, personalised trend in shops and online for inspiration.


Sterling silver has been with us for centuries and still it continues to evolve. These suggestions should give you some ideas of emerging trends and popular styles.

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