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Ten Ways You May Be Accidently Damaging Your Jewellery

We all want our jewellery to last as long as possible, but there are many ways you could be exposing your jewels and gems to damage without meaning to. Here are ten of them:

  1.  Do you fasten your necklaces before putting them away? If not this can result in the chains tangling. If they become too tangled there will be a knot that is difficult to get out and which may permanently ruin the necklace or bracelet.
  2. Do you use adequate storage? Many people depend on a traditional jewellery box, however this can lead to necklaces and chains getting tangled. To avoid this, use a jewellery tree or set up a hook system.
  3. Do you wear jewellery swimming? Of course you may have a favourite item that you never take off, but both chlorinated and salt water can cause discoloration. Wearing jewellery in the shower or bath can also be damaging over the long term.
  4. Do you expose your jewellery to the sun? Discoloration may occur when silver is exposed to sunlight and gemstones can be affected in the same way. When you are on a beach, don’t just think about protecting your skin from the sun’s rays – protect your jewellery as well and leave it indoors.
  5. Do you protect your jewellery while travelling? Jewellery rattling around can be chipped and scratched, especially when stones scratch against each other. Buy a proper travelling case to transport your jewellery safely.
  6. Do you wear your jewellery for household tasks? Soap suds from washing up, bleach and the chemicals in regular household goods can all damage delicate jewellery – don’t wear it when you’re doing the housework.
  7. Do you store your jewellery in the cold or heat? Jewellery is vulnerable to temperatures and tarnishes in extreme heat or sunlight. Always try to keep jewellery at room temperature – and in its original packaging, if possible.
  8. Do you store gemstones together? Keep your jewellery separate – especially diamonds, which are harder, as they can chip other stones.
  9. Do you keep your jewellery in good condition? People have a tendency to forget the importance of upkeep. Take your jewellery to be checked regularly to keep it in optimum condition.
  10. Do you wear jewellery in the gym? Your sweat can tarnish it and it will also be exposed to the wear and tear of your workouts. If you want to look after your jewellery, keep it at home.

Get the most out of your jewellery by storing it properly, and not wearing it in water, in the gym or for household chores. And get your jewellery inspected regularly by a specialist

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