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Symbolism in jewellery design

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Every piece of jewellery tends to symbolize love, appreciation or remembrance — that is what gives it such sentimental value and importance so that it is prized and worn forever by generation after generation. Jewellery a status symbol too — and a symbol of self-expression.

Of course a cross proclaims Christianity, and a six-pointed star of David Judaism, and there are many other religious symbols both elaborate and simple, as well as motifs and emblems associated with everything from love and luck to courage and stamina.

Luck and love

A four-leaved clover — have you ever hunted for one in the garden? A four-leaved clover pendant gives you a portable, wearable lucky charm. Wear a horseshoe for luck too, or an elephant — as long as its trunk points upwards.

A heart signifies love — and unity, femininity and sensuality — and a
knot also symbolizes love — and honour and protection or friendship. A key can be the key to your heart or a new beginning, understanding or revelation. A crescent moon is a new relationship — which may wax into love and marriage.

An anchor stands for hope and stability, while yin and yang are harmony and balance. The fleur de lys represents loyalty and fidelity — and also the Trinity. A crown is for victory and laurel leaves are for both triumph and peace.


The evil eye symbol guards against the evil eye and envy — as does the Hamsa hand, which also brings health, fertility and luck. An arrow defends and protects, especially when facing left. Animals are powerful symbols too — dogs represent fidelity, snakes eternity, doves peace, love, fidelity and the Holy Spirit.


Individual gemstones have meanings: jade shields against evil and illness, and so does coral. Turquoise opens the heart and mind and represents purity; amethysts bring calm and clarity. Aquamarines are associated with courage. Diamonds protect from poison and symbolize power, innocence, incorruptibility, longevity and constancy. Emeralds aid eyesight and fertility. Garnets stimulate the senses and are good for business. Sapphires are associated with intuition and communication. Topaz is thought to calm bad temper. Opals are the luckiest and most magical of gems because of their many colours. According to legend, opals fell from the heavens in flashes of lightning. They are affiliated with hope, purity and truth.

The Victorians arranged gemstones so that their first letters spelled out a name or a message. Their mourning brooches were set with pearls, representing tears.

There is no end to the meanings you can create in a gift. And you can rely on Karen Lindley and Diamonds by Design to devise something really significant for you. For a piece of jewellery to cherish or a gift to treasure, call Diamonds by Design today.

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