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Sydney Jewellery: What sets it apart from the rest of the world?

The jewellery sector in Sydney is absolutely thriving. A casual search online reveals that there is no shortage of either well-established or up-and-coming jewellers, ready to serve eager buyers. But what sets jewellery in Sydney apart from everywhere else?

One of the most important factors is that many of the Sydney-based jewellery makers aren’t scared to experiment. They are prepared to stray away from conventions, and this trend extends beyond Sydney as well. For instance, Mania Mania and Cushla Whiting are just two Australian brands that offer their customers unconventional jewellery rather than going with tradition.

Then there’s the glamour of Sydney itself. The city is the perfect backdrop for high-end jewellery designers, and many top brands have a base here.

The Sydney Jewellery School and gemstone markets

The Sydney Jewellery School also plays a vital role in encouraging the next generation of jewellers. The school teaches a wide range of creative art and experimental techniques, helping to fuel the imagination. Sydney’s galleries and workshops provide a further source of inspiration for young jewellery designers.

In addition, Sydney has easy access to gemstone markets and supplies, and the healthy import market means that gemstones of all types are in rich supply, which allows designers the freedom to experiment.

Creative initiatives

Another factor is the effort put into encouraging creativity. Several initiatives, such as providing affordable studio space to encourage artisans, aim at inspiring talent. These measures help to support and motivate up-and-coming artists and designers and stimulate their imagination.

Several components make Sydney the perfect hub for jewellery designers. These all combine to help Sydney’s jewellery stand out.
The Jewellers Association of Australia, the peak body for the Jewellery industry is proactive in ensuring members adhere to a strict code of conduct and that the ACCC guidelines are followed.

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