Karen Lindley, Sydney jewellery designer

Karen Lindley Sydney jewellery designer - master jeweller

Karen Lindley, Sydney jewellery designer

Master Jeweller Sydney

Karen Lindley is one of the most reputable jewellery designers and gemmologists in Sydney. Call (612) 9232 1611 and experience the pleasure of working with her!

Think “Jewellery”, think Karen Lindley! With almost 40 years of experience in the field, Karen is one of the most highly respected jewellers in Sydney – particularly where diamonds, opals and coloured gemstones are concerned.

Enjoy choosing the next piece of jewellery from beginning to end

And it doesn’t stop there. Karen provides a service from A to Z: whether you are looking to design your own engagement or wedding ring, to buy a precious or semi-precious stone, to repair a piece of jewellery or to revamp an existing piece that no longer suits your needs, Karen is the person to see.

All experience is education for the soul

Karen is a character. And she’s a top gemmologist and the doyenne of Sydney jewellers — she has been running Diamonds by Design since 1982 ¬—
which means she has made engagement rings for two, and occasionally three, generations of the same families.

Seek and you shall find

When you explain what you are looking for to her and listen to her suggestions, you immediately sense her real love of jewellery and her sincere desire to match the valued customer to the ideal stone. With her high principles and moral principles, Karen ensures that all the stones she deals in are ethically sourced and of the highest quality — and there is nothing that gives her greater pleasure than to know that her client has walked away 100 per cent satisfied with the finished product. It may not be what he or she initially thought they wanted and came in for, but it will certainly be a piece that will bring joy for many years to come.

Karen’s comprehensive knowledge of jewellery and her warm personality are palpable

She enjoys discussing the selection of the stone, the design to be made up, and the process of manufacture with her clients, keeping them fully informed of every step to be taken so that they can enjoy the experience and participate in every step. It is an exciting and happy journey for everyone, and it is the reason why Karen has been so successful for so many years.

Don’t hesitate

Call Diamonds by Design on (612) 9232 1611 or e-mail us and experience the pleasure of working with a professional who will respect and develop your ideas into the piece of jewellery that you envisaged and hoped for.

Karen Lindley – Sydney Jewellery Designer – Master Jeweller

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