Sydney Jeweller Shares Tips on How to Reach Your Business Goals

Sydney Jeweller Shares Tips on How to Reach Your Business Goals

Sydney Jeweller Tips

Jewellery Designer and Gemmologist  Sydney JewellerIn a recent interview Karen Lindley, a Sydney jeweller and gemmologist, explained some of her philosophies behind her business success. In this article you will find five tips that Karen has used throughout her career to make the business the success it is today.

Use your skills

This should be obvious, but often we don’t use the things that we have learned; we’d rather look for new horizons and opportunities. However, Karen was able to successfully use the sales skills that she learned from helping to run her family business and these skills provided a stepping stone to becoming a successful Sydney jeweller.

Maximise your Profits

Many businesses fail because they are unable to find ways of maximising their profits. Learn how to add value to the products that you sell and create add-on services that you know won’t be available anywhere else.
Whatever your business is selling, take some time to determine how you can minimise your costs while at the same time adding value to your products/services.

Think Differently

Often, when we take a few steps back, we can see things differently and this is what every business owner needs to do in order to be a success. As a Jeweller in Sydney, Karen has always been able to understand how to offer something different to her customers and she offers all of her clients a complete service that they aren’t likely to find anywhere else.
Take a look at your business and see what you can do differently to make it stand out from every other company out there.

Be Fresh

Don’t be scared to try something new and make sure that the products or services that you sell are always fresh. Sometimes business owners will struggle to sell because they are selling a business or service that is readily available everywhere else. Don’t be afraid to be original and try to offer fresh ideas.

Be Quick

Answer emails promtly. Answer phone within 3 rings or let it go to voice message then call back within hours not days. If you ask someone to ‘hold’ for  a moment they have something to listen to 2 mins maximum.

Give Back

Perhaps one of the most important things about being a successful business owner is the ability to give back to your industry or community; this might be joining committees related to your industry or giving to local charities.
Another way to give back is to help mentor new and upcoming entrepreneurs so that they can learn from your experiences.

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