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Sydney Gemmologist Gives Advice on Business Success

Sydney Gemmologist: Karen Lindley

Sydney gemmologist australian jewellers
Karen Lindley, Sydney gemmologist in her office

Every year, millions of people set out to achieve their ambition of becoming their own boss and setting up their own business. However, many of these businesses do not make it through their first year and this is because many entrepreneurs don’t follow some basic rules when it comes to achieving success.

In a recent interview, Karen Linley, a gemmologist in Sydney, explained some of the rules that she lives by that have helped to make her business, Diamonds by Design, a success.
Get up early – It has always been said that the early bird catches the worm and this saying can also be applied to the aspiring entrepreneur. Achieving success in any industry requires hard work and dedication, and that means getting up early to make the most of every day and spotting the opportunities that might result.

Observation – Karen states that one of her biggest skills is her ability to observe. This is essential as a gemmologist because Karen needs to be able to take in every single detail so that she can work with a client effectively. However, being observant is a skill that any other business owner also needs to be able to develop.
Being observant has enabled Karen to be able to spot new trends and find items of jewellery that are edgy and different – something that might not be available anywhere else. This level of observance has allowed Karen to offer something different from her competitors and has given her business the edge. This is one rule that every entrepreneur can learn from: Learn to spot new trends before your competitors do.

Always make a profit – Some people find the idea of making a profit distasteful and if this is how you feel, then perhaps the business world isn’t for you. However, for most businesses, it should be more than just making money; business should be about making profit.

As Karen, Sydney gemmologist, states in her interview “Business has to be made because bills have to be paid.” And there is “Nothing wrong with making a profit.” This is where so many new businesses go wrong. Don’t be scared to look at the bottom line and make sure that you aren’t losing money on the transactions you make; if you are review your prices or find ways of adding value.

Business Advice by a Sydney Gemmologist and Jewellery Designer

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