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Functional Jewellery from Watches to USBs!

Sydney Functional Jewellery – Wearable Gadgets That Add Style!

Jewellery has always been worn to make a statement, to complement an outfit or for sentimental reasons. However, times have moved on, and the big new thing in the fashion world is functional jewellery.

Functional jewellery began to feature heavily in fashion collections a few years ago. And the great thing is, independent jewellers have joined established designers in making names for themselves in this area.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual pieces of functional jewellery available today.

The Compass Watch

Love the great outdoors? Then you’ll want a compass watch to guide you on your way. There are several models available from brands like Casio and Timex, but independent sellers on Etsy are also gaining ground.

One of the best things about the compass watch is the broad variety of styles. They’re available as pocket watches, regular watches, vintage and steampunk style, so there’s something for most tastes.

USB Jewellery

Whether it’s for work or personal reasons, many of us carry a USB stick these days, but there’s just one problem: a USB stick can so easily get lost — or we forget we’re carrying them in the first place.

The answer? USB jewellery. This comes in several formats, like necklaces, key ring charms and cufflinks.

And like the compass watch, it’s not just the high-profile fashion designers that are retailing them – independent sellers are making their own USB jewellery too.

Etch a Sketch Necklace

Do you remember playing Etch a Sketch as a child? It was one of the most popular toys back in the 1980s, and it’s since been updated.

The Etch a Sketch can now be worn around your neck for games on the go – perfect for when you’ve got (too much) time on your hands.

UV Detector Necklace

One of the biggest concerns in the medical world is the increase in skin cancer. And beachgoers often forget to reapply sunscreen, increasing their risk. However, there is now a functional piece of jewellery that aims to solve this common problem.

The UV detector necklace changes colour when the wearer needs to add extra sunblock, thus reducing skin exposure to damaging UV rays.


As designers work to keep up with the times, it’s important that jewellery continues to evolve, and this has resulted in a new trend in accessories.

From USB and Etch a Sketch necklaces to compass watches, jewellery is becoming increasingly functional and practical, while looking stylish at the same time.

For a practical piece of jewellery guaranteed to look good speak to the gemmologist at Diamonds by Design today.

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