Earrings and Necklaces that Flatter!

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Earrings and Necklaces that Flatter!

Sydney Earrings & Necklace Jewellery Guide

When you’re shopping for jewellery, you might opt for what’s in fashion and the best quality for the price you can afford. And while these are important considerations, there’s sometimes a missing ingredient: which designs are most flattering for a particular face shape?

If you struggle to find the right jewellery, for yourself or for others, use this guide to narrow down the best designs.

Let’s start by looking at the different face shapes.

Different Face Shapes

• Heart
• Oval
• Round
• Oblong
• Long
• Square

To Find Suitable Jewellery, Remember this Simple Rule

There’s an easy way to choose jewellery complement different faces: the jewellery shouldn’t be the same shape as the face.

If you remember that simple rule, you should always be able to find the ideal piece of jewellery.

So, avoid square earrings for a square face, oblong earrings for an oblong face, and so forth. Now you know that basic rule, here are some examples of the most flattering jewellery for each face shape.

Different styles for different face shapes

Heart: for a heart shaped face, look for earrings with a wide bottom, and short necklaces like chokers.

Oval: for an oval face, you are spoilt for choice. Every style of jewellery is likely to be flattering.

Round: earrings that are long or dangle complement round faces best, making them appear slimmer. Long necklaces add length to a round face.

Oblong: look for dangly earrings that have a narrow top and broad bottom. Short necklaces are also flattering – think choker chains and necklaces.

Long: choose studs and short necklaces.

Square: mid-length or long earrings are best. Long necklaces add length.


There you have it! An easy way to choose the ideal piece of jewellery to complement every face. Just remember the golden rule on how to select earrings or a necklace, and you should get it right every time.

For that perfect piece of jewellery tailored to your needs, contact Diamonds by Design today.

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