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Strange Engagement Ring stories

Getting engaged and being given an engagement ring is one of the most romantic moments of a person’s life, but as with everything else, that special moment doesn’t always go the plan. In this blog post, you’ll read some fine examples of proposals gone wrong, but like any good movie, it nearly always works out OK in the end.

In 2008 28-year-old Lefkos Hajji thought he had come up with one of the most creative solutions for his proposal: he asked the florist if she would conceal the ring in a silver helium balloon, and all seemed to be going well until Hajji left the florist.

When Hajji got outside the store, the balloons were ripped away by an unexpected gust of wind. Fortunately, Hajji was able to follow the balloons in his car and was able to get his ring back – although it did take two hours.

in 2014, Olivia Fadar’s and Mal Harris’ engagement didn’t quite go to plan when, to their dismay, the engagement ring was lost during the proposal on the Brooklyn Bridge. The ring ended up falling approximately 40 feet to the highway below, but the couple needn’t have worried too much. Two New York Police Department officers stepped in to come to the rescue and brought the busy traffic to a halt so a search could be undertaken, and the ring recovered.

It might be romantic, but Brooklyn Bridge perhaps isn’t the luckiest place in the world to make a proposal. In 2009, teacher Don Walling thought it would be the ideal spot to propose to his girlfriend, Geena Pellicani, but the ring fell from his grasp and onto the highway below. However, good luck was on the couple’s side as Walling was able to recover the ring and make his proposal after all.

And in a story of romance gone sour, a Craigslist user once advertised a 14 carat white gold diamond engagement ring for sale, which he claimed was once owned by “Satan Herself”. The advertiser also indicated that he felt the ring was cursed due to the sheer amount of bad luck that was associated with it.

The above stories show that romance doesn’t always go to plan, but in most cases it all comes right in the end. However, if you are planning the perfect proposal, you don’t just need the ideal setting, you need to speak to a gemmologist to help you choose the ideal piece.

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