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Sporting Jewellery Rings

It has long been traditional to hand out jewellery to a victorious sporting team. These mementoes are used as souvenirs of an often hard won victory; they make some spectacular looking jewellery as well, and the rings often combine diamonds and classic gems. Here is a look at some of the most famous sporting jewellery that is given out to winning teams.

The Championship ring

These are given out to victorious members of North American professional sports teams. The winning team in a league will each be given a ring, and so will the officials that have worked with them. However, championship rings aren’t just limited to Northern America – they are given to the winners of the Australian Super Cross Championships, and in a number of different sports as well.

Stanley Cup

Any hockey fan will be familiar with the Stanley Cup ring. Every year it is awarded to the team that emerges victorious from the Stanley Cup finals; rings will also go to those who helped assist in the win, including coaches and trainers. The ring has a long history and dates back to the 1800s; in years gone by the winning teams had to purchase the rings themselves.

Super bowl ring

It is one of the best known sporting championships in the world and it is watched by millions of people when it is screened on TV. The winning team of the Championship league will each receive a ring, which Is made from white/yellow gold and encrusted with diamonds. The NFL fund the costs of these beautifully designed rings, and they are usually made by a jewellery designers called Jostens.

World Series ring

When Major League baseball players win the league, they receive the added bonus of the World Series ring. They were first awarded in the 1920s; they have become more extravagant over time. Now, the rings will typically include hundreds of diamonds, and they’ll feature other gems such as rubies. It is estimated the ring is valued at $30,000, but the exact value isn’t known.


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