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Simple tips for selling your jewellery online

Selling your jewellery online is a relatively simple process and there are lots of options. However, as people cannot actually see or touch the piece before purchasing it, everything depends on your own description and photographs quite apart from its collectability and intrinsic value. Follow these tips to sell your jewelry online:

Determine the best platform to sell on

There are three main choices for selling online: eBay, Craigslist and specialist jewellery auction/selling sites. Depending on the type of jewellery you are selling, eBay and specialist sites are likely to be the better options as you can reach a wider audience. If you sell through Craigslist, you have to meet the buyer in person, so you probably won’t reach the audience that you would on eBay.

Get your jewellery appraised

Take your jewellery for appraisal to determine its value and establish whether any repairs are needed. Keep the appraisal documents and photograph them as proof of the items’ value and condition. If repairs or reconditioning will add genuine value, then go ahead.

Research current prices

Look online at current prices and demand so as to get a better idea of the final price you should realistically accept. On eBay you can do this by carrying out a completed search. If eBay is your chosen platform, check how many similar items are for sale – too many can drive down prices. If pieces like yours aren’t selling well it might be better to wait, and certainly to set a reserve price.

Take great pictures

A white background tends to make jewellery stand out better in a picture. Take pictures from as many angles as possible to allow potential buyers to get a real feel for the piece. You’ll find more tips on photographing jewellery here.

Write your description carefully

The better the description, the higher the price the jewellery is likely to sell for. If there is a great story behind it, use that – or provide style tips showing potential buyers the best way to wear it.

Also include the original value, dimensions and age as well as noting any damage, repairs or distinguishing marks. Giving a detailed description helps to bring the piece to life for any interested buyers.


There are many professional online companies that sell jewellery. However, successful sales depend on detailed descriptions and great photography. And before selling any jewellery, have it appraised so you know the true value – don’t sell your heritage for less than it is worth.

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