Silver/Gold Identification

Silver Identification, Cleaning & Hallmarking in Sydney

Diamonds by Design is pleased to announce a new service: added to the other expert facilities our company offers, customers can now use Diamonds by Design for silver identification, silver hallmarking and silver cleaning.

Another complimentary service for our clientele

Silver/Gold hallmarking is essential to help to prevent fraud. In many countries a silver hallmark is a legally required to sell silver jewellery on a commercial basis; silver hallmarking indicates the amount of pure silver contained as well as the manufacturer’s mark.

A silver/gold hallmark is applied before a piece of jewellery is sold commercially. The date of manufacture may also be added as well as other marks for identification purposes.

Our Silver/Gold identification service helps Diamonds by Design customers to find out where something was created and when. This can be important for valuing a piece or learning more about its history, moreover silver/gold identification is imperative to avoid losing money by purchasing an inferior item of jewellery. Diamonds by Design provides customers with expert advice to ensure that whatever they are considering buying is genuine rather than silver-plated.

At Diamonds by Design our new silver/gold hallmarking and silver/gold identification service complements extensive areas of expertise such as bespoke jewellery design, jewellery valuation and repairs.

Diamonds by Design looks forward to introducing its customers – both new and established – to our silver/gold hallmarking and silver/gold identification facilities.

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