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Jewellery Restoration, Cleaning, Remodeling & Repair in Sydney

Remodeling a piece of jewellery can give it a whole new lease of life. The piece may need to be made to work again – and stand the test of time while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Whatever the reasons to remodel jewellery, it is important to use a company that cares about what it does and will restore the item sympathetically. Choosing the right company with plenty of expertise is crucial as a bad restoration detracts from the beauty of the original piece.

You may need anything from resizing and replacement of findings such as clasps to restringing and rhodium-plating. Another area of jewellery repair that requires expert advice is the restoration and remounting of pieces that include gemstones.

Many years of experience and expertise ensure that all jewellery repairs and remodels are carried out to a high standard. We work closely with the client to achieve exactly what they want, by using an experienced company with customer care at the heart of the perspective, clients can see new life breathed into their old jewellery – which can then be passed down to the next generation and treasured for years to come.

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