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Seasonal gems and when to wear them

Like every other item you wear, gems have their own season – but which stones are best suited to which season? This article will help you pick the best jewels for the right time of year so you’re sure to dazzle all year round.

Springtime – spring is often thought of as a time of renewal and it’s a time when we start thinking of getting back to nature. Therefore, lighter greens, yellows, light brown and sky blues are most popular during the spring months, although spring is also associated with pastel colours like pink and pale blue.

Suggestions: emerald, peridot, jade, quartz, yellow/lemon citrine, agate, aquamarine, yellow diamonds, smoky quartz and pink quartz.

Summer – in the summer, our skin tends to be tanned, or warmer as it is sometimes referred to in the beauty trade. To flatter this tan we go with darker colours that stand out.

Suggestions: ruby, citrine, garnet and coloured diamonds tend to be best. However, pure white diamonds look good against any skin tone, no matter the season, as they always capture the light.

Autumn – autumn is a time for warm, rich tones that match the season: reds, browns, yellows and greens, and these tones should be reflected in your jewellery.

Suggestions: amber, amethyst, ruby, yellow topaz/orange topaz, citrine, quartz.

Winter – a magical month because of Christmas. It’s usually associated with reds, greens, gold and silver.

Suggestions: rubies, emeralds, jade, amber. But don’t forget diamonds as they always make a classic gift and you can choose coloured diamonds in greens and reds to match the festive theme.

We adapt our wardrobe to match the seasons, but sometimes we neglect to adjust our jewellery throughout the year. However, by following the above suggestions, you always be wearing the latest seasonal colours.

For help in finding that special gem or bespoke item of jewellery that will make your seasonable wardrobe complete, contact Diamonds by Design today.

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