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Restoring and Remaking Antique Jewellery at Diamonds by Design

Antique jewellery not only looks graceful and beautiful, but it gives an opportunity to the wearer for appreciating the history, the styles and craftsmanship of a past era. This type of jewellery can also prove to be a wonderful investment if you carefully do your research and know exactly what you are purchasing.

At Diamonds by Design, we have the most experienced, talented and professional jewellery silversmiths, goldsmiths and craftsmen. Bespoke jewellery in our workshop is handcrafted to demanding standards of quality. This ensures that each and every piece of jewellery is remarkable and individual. Each jewel or ring is intricate and needs many hours of hard work for a finished look. Our craftsmen have extraordinary levels of skill and many years of training to create fine settings.

Resetting Diamond Rings and Redesigning Jewellery

We are professional in re-making antique pieces of jewellery, old gemstones and old diamonds that are no longer worn. You can give your old and antique jewellery a new lease of life.

Remodel/Remake Your Old Jewellery

We can re-style or create your unwanted jewellery or used jewellery into something outstanding, new and beautiful. You just have to bring in your designs and we can turn your jewellery into exactly what you have desired. There are several options when it comes to re-styling jewellery or rings.  We can recreate your worn jewel into a completely different style of jewellery. The process of remodelling is generally embraced when a valuable and precious jewellery or treasure has been inherited, but it is not stylish according to the latest fashion.

Remodelling may involve incorporating original gems or a completely new creation. Additional metals or gemstones can also be used in the remaking step of the process. Our experts carry out this whole process at Diamonds by Design to provide you with the most enticing pieces of jewellery.

The Process of Remaking

The process of remaking involves the melting down of metal and then remaking it by hand. When casting, we may use the original metal, such as platinum, diamond or gold, to add a new piece. Within the new design, we can also use a few components of the original piece. A new jewel will look more captivating with extra gemstones by giving it additional vibrancy. By using beautiful gems, we can remake a new piece of jewellery completely.

We can transform your unwanted or antique jewellery that is no longer in use into a statement, gorgeous jewellery pieces, by the use of the gemstones in more spectacular or sensitive ways.

Recycle or Recreate Your Jewellery

Custom ring retoration
Custom ring restoration

We can re-create or even recycle jewellery that has passed the point of restoration. It may be possible that the jewel is damaged and it is beyond repair or you want a traditional family jewellery piece to be modernised according to your taste and preferences. Now you can remodel the family heirloom rings into a beautiful, stylish engagement ring or remodel a wedding band or wedding ring at Diamonds by Design.

When you remodel your jewellery or remake your ring into a completely different look and style, it allows you to re-captivate the emotional value of the adornment. Even duplicate reproductions are also possible at Diamond by Design. Our experienced team is able to create exact replicas of precious items. This is going to give a lifetime of wear all over again.

Gemstones Resetting

Our team has the expertise to reset gem stones from the original jewellery into new items. In case the gemstones of your jewellery are badly scratched, we can give them a new look by re-polishing them.

Remounting Jewellery

The process to remount a diamond ring is the most suitable way of preserving a special ring. You can preserve an engagement diamond ring into a completely new style and design or you can also update the look of your engagement ring.

Remounting a Diamond into a New Mount

We can create new and ravishing pieces of jewellery by re-using the original gemstones, for example, an old brooch. At Diamond by Design, we remount and remodel all styles of pendants, rings and earrings in precious metals.

Handmade jewellery is also available for creating the best possible match and re-creating any style of setting or ring. Our professional team manufactures jewellery from certain artwork and drawings. Our workshop has been making bespoke jewellery for decades.

Using Antique Diamond Rings to Reset Diamonds

Reset of an antique diamond
Reset of an antique diamond

Often, diamond rings are handed down from generation to generation. But to keep them up to the latest style, it is important to replace or repair their settings. Resetting an old diamond ring or an old cut diamond is a very personal decision because you may have received these diamond rings by your mother, aunt or grandmother, or purchased from an antique shop or from an auction sale.

Have you inherited beautiful antique jewellery or diamond rings, but you are not pleased with the setting? Maybe your grandmother has left you her antique jewellery or perhaps your mother has left you a family heirloom to use when you get married. At Diamond by Design, we can reset the diamond to a different setting.  For example, we can reset the yellow gold setting into the platinum or white gold. This will make your antique jewellery look more white and dazzling.

With time, the setting or even the diamond sometimes endures wear and tear. On the old mount, the claws setting may no longer be secure and strong for holding the diamond safely. We can re-polish a diamond with a chipped girdle and reset into a rub over setting rather than a claw.

Before and After antique ring restoration
Before and After antique ring restoration

Restoration of Antique Jewellery and Rings

The proper restoration of antique rings and jewellery is only possible by the master craftsman. With all our antique jewellery restoration, our team at Diamond by Design will decide the best way in returning each jewel to its best. Our staff has many years of experience and expertise on whatever you are looking to have fixed or restored. We are pleased to undertake complicated work and can easily repair items that were not repairable before.

Before and After antique ring restoration
Before and After antique ring restoration

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