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Refurbishing an antique ring

Many people discard antique heirlooms or leave them at the back of a drawer because they aren’t in good enough condition to wear. However, with the help of a gemmologist an antique ring can be refurbished and restored to its original state using the original techniques and materials wherever possible so that restoration is sympathetic. Here is how your gemmologist is likely to proceed with renewing your ring:


First your gemmologist will examine the ring carefully to get a better idea of its overall condition. Any scratches or other external damage will be noted and solutions on how to repair the piece suggested.

Restoring Gems and Stones

Another way that a gemmologist can help you is by replacing any coloured stones or diamonds missing from your ring. If the gems have just aged over time, they can be recut and polished until they look as good as new. If it is not possible to find similar stones, a gemmologist will be able to offer advice on a suitable alternative which will look every bit as good.

Features and Settings

Features of the ring that have faded over time can be carefully restored and any engravings can also be brought back to life. In some rings the prongs and settings need to be restored and rings that have been bent and damaged can be gently reshaped.

Creating a new piece

A further option is to use the existing gems in your ring to create an entirely new piece of jewellery. For instance the stones might be suitable for a necklace or bracelet and this would give your antique ring a new lease of life.

As you can see, there are numerous ways a gemmologist can help to restore or refurbish an antique ring so that it is good as new and ready for the generations to come. Or you can transform your beloved piece of jewellery into a whole new piece so you can continue to enjoy it, but in a different way.

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