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Rare and unusual gems for an engagement ring

Most people celebrate their engagement with a diamond to represent love and purity. But if you want something different to set into your engagement ring , here are some other choices:


This gem is much harder to find than a traditional diamond. It is an eye-catching blue colour and tanzanite is becoming increasingly popular for an engagement ring.

Red Beryl

This striking red gemstone is very rare and only found in Utah, and San Luis Potosi, Mexico. It can cost as much as $10,000 a carat.


Painite is one of the world’s rarest gemstones and looks especially striking in an engagement ring. It is dark red in colour and similar to a garnet in appearance, but quite a challenge to find. It is only mined in Burma where only a few small stones have been discovered.


Also known as the tsavorite garnet, this unusual stone is found in East Africa and appeals to people looking for an alternative to an emerald. It was first discovered in the 1960s and is known for its vivid green colour. These beautiful gems can be set into all metals, including platinum and rose gold. This is an affordable option for your engagement ring.


This is another very rare gem. It is known for its colour-changing properties: under different lights the colour changes. These stones come mainly from Russia, but also from Sri Lanka, and are usually quite small with a high lustre.

As you can see, a bride to be doesn’t have to be limited to the more traditional diamond. There are a number of rare and unusual alternatives available. However, when you are looking for a gemstone it is important to find a gemmologist who has a reputation for ethical sourcing and who offers full traceability.

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