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Perfect your jewellery for the Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is one of Australia’s most high profile sporting occasions, and with the amount of publicity the event gets it’s imperative for racegoers, whether at the actual event or not, to get their image right, or they risk standing out for all of the wrong reasons.

This straight forward guide will help you pick the perfect accessories for your Melbourne Cup celebrations and we will start with Derby Day.

Derby Day

Derby Day is associated with the colours black and white . To complement your monochrome outfit, you could wear simple gold jewellery. Rose gold is ideal, but any type of gold tends to look good with black and white.

You could also choose gemstone pieces that consist of monochrome crystals, or select black gemstones like onyx. Clear crystal jewellery or a silver bracelet or necklace would also look good.

Oaks Day and Cup Day

Oaks Day or Ladies Day is all about feminine fashion, while high style and fashion dominate on Cup Day; where it’s possible, your jewellery should reflect these themes. However, bear in mind that your accessories should be kept at a minimum; limit your jewellery to just one piece like earrings, a bracelet or a simple necklace as these won’t detract from the outfit you’re wearing.

Oaks Day is perfect for wearing your finest gems. Diamond jewellery is a popular theme among racegoers, but remember to keep it simplistic; a delicate bracelet, a ring or earrings would be appropriate. If you don’t have the budget for diamonds, perhaps select some crystal based jewellery – but remember to keep it subtle.

Cup day is associated with flamboyant fashion and for this reason you’ll want to make sure that your jewellery isn’t too overstated.

For Cup Day you could wear one item of jewellery that makes a statement. A stunning pair of earrings or a simple necklace and bracelet combination would make the ideal finish to your outfit. When it comes to gems, diamonds always add class and they don’t need to be elaborate to catch the eye.

The Melbourne Cup is every bit as famous for its fashions as it is for the racing. If you want to make the right statement for this prestigious event, keep it simple and make sure it complements your outfit.

For advice on finding the ideal jewellery for the Melbourne Cup that will be perfect for your individual style, contact Diamonds by Design.

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