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Famous Diamonds in Film

The diamond has long been the stuff of Hollywood legend so it is perhaps not surprising that the gemstone is often featured on the big screen. Whether it is a fictional diamonds or a diamond heist, the gem is often key part of the plot for many popular movies, and here are some of the most famous.

The Pink Panther Diamond

Long before the remake starring Hollywood actor Steve Martin, the original series of The Pink Panther often featured the Pink Panther diamond. However, the Pink Panther diamond is purely fictional and doesn’t exist in real life.

The Heart of the Ocean Diamond

Anyone who was watched the Titanic movie won’t forget the moment that Rose throws the blue diamond necklace into the ocean. This fictional diamond took its inspiration from the famous Hope diamond, which has an estimated value of $250 million. The fictional ‘Heart of the Ocean’ diamond cost $20 million dollars to create.

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

if you’re a fan of classic movies you’ll be familiar with Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds are girl’s best friend. What you might not know is the diamond worn in the movie was a Canary diamond, which goes by the name of The Moon of Baroda. The diamond was given to Marilyn and it originated from India.

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman became one of the most popular movies of the 1990s, and movie fans will always remember the classic scene when Richard Gere gives Julia Roberts a stunning ruby and diamond necklace. The bespoke item of jewellery was made especially for the purposes of the movie by Fred Joaillier, a French jeweller.

Moulin Rouge

The movie Moulin Rouge was known for its lavish glamour, but it was the extraordinary diamond necklace worn by Nicole Kidman that attracted most of the attention. The necklace featured more than 1000 diamonds and it was designed by Stefano Canturi, a famous jewellery designer from Australia.

Diamonds are Forever

The diamond is a major part of the plot line in the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever. In the film, Sean Connery is working undercover as a diamond smuggler in order to track down the whereabouts of some diamonds that had previously been stolen in a heist. The film is also famous for the classic theme tune, which was sung by Shirley Bassey.

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