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Modern gems in classic settings

Classic settings are here to stay, but they can easily be given a contemporary twist by adding a modern gem. If you are looking for a new ring, want to update an old one, or are just interested in some of the possibilities out there, this article will provide some inspiration. Let’s start with a selection of the classic settings you could choose.

Different classic ring settings

There are many settings to choose from and while this list isn’t exhaustive, it does outline some of the most popular.

The prong, where up to six prongs, or claws hold the stone.

The bezel, which is increasingly popular. Instead of depending on claws, the ring has a metal rim surrounding the stone and holding it in place.

Tension setting uses the tension of the band to keep the stone secure. Although this is more modern than traditional, it is so popular that it is fast becoming a classic.

Classic designs include halo, pavé, and three-stone rings. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Speak to a gemmologist to make sure you understand the pros and cons before deciding which setting is right for your lifestyle.

Modern gems

Before you decide on a gem, remember that not all stones are suitable for every setting. Again, it’s important to speak with a gemmologist before getting too keen on a particular gem in case it’s not right for the setting you want.

Some suggestions for modern gems:

Diamonds – although clear diamonds are regarded as classic, coloured diamonds are considered more contemporary, and there’s certainly a huge variety of colours to choose from. If you’ve got a large budget, red diamonds are among the most rare and expensive.

Tanzanite – nowadays, they are often used in an engagement ring, channel set or in a claw setting, and its striking blue colour is sure to capture the eye.

Lapis lazuli – the lapis blue is particularly striking in a tension setting and captivating in combination with yellow gold or silver.

Lemon quartz – this looks genuinely stunning on its own in a tension setting, or set with with darker stones for a contrast.

By combining a classic setting with a modern gem, you can give your jewellery both a traditional and contemporary feel and wear a truly unique piece. To find out how we can help create a ring that is perfect for you, speak to our gemmologist today.

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