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Matching jumpers with jewels this winter

Matching your jewellery with your clothes can be a challenge – especially for the untrained eye. And matching jumpers with jewellery can be even more difficult because of the huge range of colours and styles. This article takes you through some of the main styles/designs/colours and explains how to match them with your jewellery.

Cowl and polo necks

Cowl and polo neck sweaters remain chic; however accessorising them can be tricky. But there is a simple fix: as these styles don’t always work with necklaces, wear bracelets, earrings or a brooch instead.

Neutral colours

Cream, beige and white are flattering in winter, and dressing them up with vibrant jewellery is a good idea.

However as they work best with metallic, gold and wooden jewellery, don’t feel you need to go overboard when it comes to adding that little extra to an otherwise plain colour.

Florals and patterns

Florals and patterns look good when temperatures drop in Australia, especially when the sun is out, but if you don’t style it right, it is easy for your jewellery to clash.

The secret to picking jewellery to go with a patterned jumper, dress or top is to keep it simple so it doesn’t look too fussy.

The usual advice is to focus on one colour in the clothing and match your jewellery to that. However, simple studs, single bracelets or a delicate necklace all work well with patterns too.

Solid dark colours

If you’ve opted for solid colours like grey, green or black, then gold and silver jewellery makes a good contrast and gives some colour to break up what could otherwise be a dull look.


As you can see, matching jewellery to your winter jumpers doesn’t have to be complicated, provided you follow some basic guidelines. However, if you want a piece of jewellery that is guaranteed to suit your personal style all year round, regardless of what you are wearing, seek assistance from a gemmologist at Diamonds by Design.

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