Diamonds by Design At Diamonds by Design we custom design and create fine jewellery just for you from diamonds, opals, gems and pearls ethically sourced from conflict-free zones. For 28 years our bespoke jewellery, diamond engagement rings has delighted Sydney's discerning buyers.
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Love Your Custom Jewellery for Its Ethics

The more consumers become aware of how items are produced, the more they tend to look towards ethical means of buying products. The same can be said for jewellery. While many people want a diamond ring or the perfect necklace, they also want to know that people’s rights have not be violated and that the environment has not been damaged in order to produce their piece of jewellery.

Australian-based Diamonds by Design has sold jewellery for three generations and the company can proudly state the diamonds, opals, gems and pearls that are used in their fine jewellery is ethically sourced.
This means that all of the jewellery supplied by Diamonds by Design can be traced back to the supplier.

Diamonds by Design can say with certain that none of its products have been sourced from conflict zones, so they know the raw material used in their jewellery aren’t being used to fund conflicts, and Diamonds by Design don’t buy from suppliers who use child labour.

At Diamonds by Design, they believe in equal opportunities and ensure that their suppliers respect the rights of the people who work for them, and that the working environment is safe.

Diamonds by Design can say it is proud of the way it does business and the Sydney-based company would be proud to welcome you as a customer. With Diamonds by Design, you can love your jewellery, not just for its look, but you can love the ethics that lie behind it, too.


Diamonds by Design is based in Sydney, Australia and is owned by Karen Lindley; Karen has more than 30 years’ experience as a gemmologist. At Diamonds by Design we offer our customers high quality gems at a reasonable price and customer satisfaction is our number one aim.

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Diamonds by Design
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