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Light Jewellery for all occasions

Light vs Heavy Jewellery

There are two essential features that many jewellery buyers forget to take into account: versatility and lightness — and these two features are more important than you may think.

Versatile budget-friendly jewellery can be worn with almost any outfit, which means you can justify spending more money on an extra special piece. Heavy jewellery comes with considerable disadvantages.

The Risks of Heavy Jewellery

While heavy jewellery is undoubtedly eye-catching, it can also be pretty damaging to the body. For instance, large earrings may cause the earlobes to sag, which is ugly and painful.

So, try to avoid wearing heavy jewellery for long to limit the potential for problems.

Tips for Light, Useful, Everyday Jewellery

Studs – these suit every occasion and shouldn’t cause any earlobe problems. Consider stars, hearts, initials, flowers and leaves — and add some sparkle with the gem of your choice.

Pendants – these offer the ultimate versatility. Select hearts, drops, stars, or for truly personalised jewellery, an initial or birthstone.

Look for environmentally friendly jewellery – there are many environmentally friendly jewellery choices available today, often created from light materials. Think wooden or rubber or even leather. Several jewellers are making beautiful, intricate designs from wood, and, when used well, rubber jewellery is bold and attention grabbing.

Choose regular precious metals – pure silver or gold chains with delicate gems are always light, pretty and wearable.


Heavy jewellery may look spectacular, however, you might have to limit how often you wear it. Opt for delicate, light, versatile jewellery that can be worn every day and with any outfit.

For the ultimate piece of versatile, light jewellery to suit your needs, contact Diamonds by Design today.

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