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Latest trends in stones and settings

Latest Gemstone Trends 2018 Australia

There used to be a time when trends started slowly and would take months to hit a peak before slowing fading out over many more months. Now there’s social media and instant everything, so that some trends start, peak and die off before you’ve even had a chance to notice them.

If you combine this with the jewellery industry, not only does it become incredibly pricey to stay in fashion, but also frustrating. These stones and settings are on the up, so here’s hoping they’re still hot by the time you finish reading this blog!

Passion in Pink

It may be a cliché, but there is some truth about ladies and the colour pink. A pink sapphire exudes elegance, either on its own in a simple silver earring or set with diamonds in a stunning ring — the perfect accessory for a glamorous night out or even casual office wear.

Breaking with the stereotype, men are choosing pink more often too. A pink tourmaline cabochon ring gives a touch of class to even the most rugged hand.

Drenched in Aqua

If you are seeking the latest trend, then look no further than the aquamarine. This stone ranges in colour from greenish-blue to light blue and looks great in any setting.

The larger the stone, the more intense the colour, and the darker the stone, the more valuable it is. If you are looking for a gift for someone celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary, this is the classic symbol.

If brilliant blue and pink stones are the highlight of your jewellery, pick a setting that enhances these spectacular colours.

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