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Five Reasons Why You Need an Expert Jewellery Valuer

Why Do You Need a Jewellery Valuation in Sydney?


jewellery valuation sydney jewellery valuers australiaThere are numerous reasons why it could become necessary to call on the skills of an expert jewellery valuer in Sydney for  jewellery valuation. Karen Lindley is the gemmologist at Diamonds by Design and she can use her years of expertise to provide an accurate valuation of jewellery and gems. Listed below are common reasons why a customer might need an expert valuer.

Sydney jewellery valuation and appraisals by DBD:


One of the most common reasons for using the services of a qualified jewellery valuer and a member of the JAA is for insurance purposes. In the event of fire, theft, or any other form of emergency that could result in loss or damage, you WILL need to make sure that you know exactly how much your jewellery is worth. Without this you are unlikely to be able to make a claim to reimburse you for the full extent of your loss.


People often go to a jewellery valuer for probate reasons. When a person dies it is necessary to find out how much their estate is worth, and this will include finding out the precise value of valuables such as precious items of jewellery.

Family division

When a loved ones dies often they have not left and itemised list of their jewellery and wishes. In this case the fairest thing to do is do apportion the jewellery on a relative comparable value. As experts we are trained to do this so that each recipient is confident and assured that they are receiving an equal value of the jewellery.


In the event of a divorce it will be necessary to provide the court with a valuation of a couple’s assets. This will include items of jewellery and any other valuable assets. Expert valuers are used to handling cases like this and they will do so in a sensitive manner, which will help to ease the anxiety of an already stressful situation.

Private Sales

Sometimes, it might be necessary to consider selling your personal assets such AS A valuable diamond ring or a precious necklace.
Alternatively, someone might decide to sell a complete collection of their jewellery to raise funds. Before doing this it is imperative to get the jewellery expertly valued so if the items are sold privately, the seller can ensure that they get a fair price for their jewellery.


Jewellery Valuation in Sydney by Karen Lindley!

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