2018 Jewellery Trends

Jewellery Trends 2018 Australia

2018 Jewellery Trends

Jewellery Trends 2018 Australia

It’s spring and Christmas is coming — time to look at this year’s fashions and trends and put our own look together.

Asymmetry is in

Statement earrings — the bigger the better, the fancier, the gaudier, the bolder, the longer, the most fun — are trendy as a complete contrast to equally fashionable tiny, delicate, fragile studs and hoops — several mismatching in each ear: three or four per lobe. Asymmetrical hoops and embellished ear cuffs are everywhere. How much weight can one earlobe support? Try and see! Mismatched earrings and innovative abstract shapes look terrific — the ultimate mix and match — and so do the longest chandelier earrings ever.

Dainty or chunky?

Dainty layering may be making way for chunkier chains again. Stop worrying about all those tangled chains and put together several layers of necklaces of different lengths, colours and textures. Mixed metals look great. Chokers are so last year — make your own personal statement and stand out!

Pearls of wisdom

Pearls are updated — or perhaps backdated. Think of Coco Chanel and go for it! Wear layers of pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings — large ones — and choose based on colour, texture, and variety. When in doubt, pick pearls.

Convertible jewellery — van Cleef updated

Several designers are showing convertible or multifunctional jewellery — necklaces that can be separated into bracelets or even earrings, hoops that can be worn two ways, a pendant that becomes a ring or a brooch. Think about it.


Anklets are really in, and the only jewellery that definitely remains sleek and minimalistic with delicate chains and occasionally a charm. They look as young and sexy worn with a flimsy, floaty summer dress as with cropped jeans, with sandals as with trainers.


Massive, funky, fun rings on any or every finger — or pretty, dainty ones stacked and layered all work too.

Think bold, grand and stunning

Enamel is back, and so is jade — in fact opaque stones are in, and so are pendants and symbols — and vintage, which never really went out of fashion. It’s time to take large, old costume jewellery pieces verging on kitsch seriously again, and even brooches to hold scarves in place or on lapels or hats.

Or just call Diamonds by Design

And if all this is too confusing, then call Diamonds by Design for help and advice — and to have your hand held while choosing presents that are sure to please.

Top Jewellery Trends 2018 Australia

You can never take too much care over the choice of your sunglasses and jewlery.