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Silver, gold, or something else? Complementing stones with settings

Jewellery Settings with Stones, Australia

When it comes to jewellery, you can choose between so many different styles, settings, cuts, stones and finishes.

An engagement ring or wedding band design should not only be a symbol of love but also of your own love. So why not find something as unique as you are?

Gold and silver are still favourite settings, of course, but now people are using stone, wood and even meteorites to set their gems.

The stones and settings must complement each other though. A visually appealing artistic design of contrasting colours should make them look fabulous together. However, there are some exceptions to this rule — for instance a diamond in a silver setting blends both together in a most elegant way.

If you take a silver setting and accent it with a ruby, a sapphire, or an emerald, the bright stone stands out like a person with piercing blue eyes. A bold splash of colour that has to be admired. If that’s not the goal of jewellery, then what is?

Make sure to visit some of the fabulous Sydney jewellery designers who will show you wonderful styles, settings, and stones that will make your next piece something to rave about.

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