How to reset jewellery you have inherited

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How to reset jewellery you have inherited

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It’s a touchy subject, jewellery you have inherited — on the one hand you may feel tremendously sensitive about the person who loved and left it to you, and very grateful, and on the other the piece may not be something you would normally wear or even appreciate. But there is a sense of obligation as well as gratitude. You don’t want to shut it up in your padded jewellery box and just look at it from time to time, but nor do you wish to wear it as it is. It may be a ring that is too small for your finger, a pair of earrings for pierced ears where yours are not, a brooch when you never wear brooches.

Resetting is the most sensible and simplest solution. Remember, the gold can be melted down, the stones saved and the whole turned into a quite different piece which you will wear and cherish and that will always remind you of the person you loved, just as they intended it to.

The first thing to do is to look at the inherited piece carefully and decide what you would like it turned into — often a ring or a pendant. If it is a classic ring, but far too small a piece for you to wear, then you might just have the top taken off and turned into a pendant, which you can wear on a chain around your neck all the time. If it is a wedding ring it can be sliced into half hoops to be made into everyday gold earrings. A tennis bracelet that you would never have a chance to wear? How about an eternity ring and diamond hoops with the stones instead? A pearl choker, when you only wear long necklaces? Either restring it with coloured stone beads to lengthen it or put gold chain between each pearl. A big piece can be completely redesigned or several small pieces put together to make one large one.

But you can only do just so much by yourself. You need professional help. Call Karen Lindley at Diamonds by Design. Karen is trustworthy and talented — and has been a jeweller for over 40 years, so there is not much she hasn’t seen, heard or done. She has the taste and experience to visualise what you are looking for, even when you aren’t quite sure yourself. Karen loves the challenge of restoring or updating an heirloom as much as creating a new one — and can make you a piece of jewellery to treasure in memory of the person who wanted you to wear it.

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