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Jewellery dos and don’ts

Our lifestyles are busy enough these days without having to look after our jewellery too. However, we also want our jewellery to last as long as possible and to keep it in optimum condition – and by following these quick tips, you can get the balance right.


  • When cleaning jewellery, don’t spend a lot of money on commercial cleansers or waste time trying to scrub it. If the dirt isn’t ingrained, running it under warm tap water and gently dabbing it dry will often suffice, and a baking soda paste will soon give silver jewellery back its sparkle.
  • Do store your jewellery properly and then it’ll be ready the next time you need it. Hanging up bracelets and necklaces will help prevent them from becoming tangled, and by using pill boxes or clear storage boxes with compartments for earrings and rings you’ll be able to see them at a glance.
  • If your jewellery does become entangled, use baby powder to separate the knots. Simply dip the jewellery in the powder and use a cotton bud or fine needle to move the jewellery around until the tangle comes loose. You can sprinkle the powder directly onto a knot or even use baby oil.
  • Jewellery can become discoloured through exposure to perfumes, lotions and cosmetics, so do what you can to prevent it from coming into direct contact with lotions and potions. This will lower the risks of it tarnishing and reduce the need to clean it.
  • Finally, if you like costume jewellery, but don’t like the green marks the chains sometimes leave on your skin, give them a coating of clear nail varnish and leave them to dry before putting them on.

These tips should prevent your jewellery becoming tangled, reduce discolouration and fix common problems like knots. However, if you need further advice on jewellery restoration, or if you would like to speak to our gemmologist about commissioning a bespoke piece, call Diamonds by Design today.

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