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Remodelling your jewellery: why ever not?

Jewellery Designer Sydney

How many bits and pieces of jewellery have you tossed into a drawer — broken or with some of the stones missing, too big or too small, a single earring or cufflink, a gold coin, vintage wedding or engagement rings, old-fashioned or just not your taste or your look, unwanted gifts — but you still can’t bear to throw them away? Of course the solution is to remodel them — to take out the stones, melt down the gold and start all over again. Perhaps the time has finally come to create something you’ll really love wearing, and to start a new generation of happy memories too.

Gifts and heirlooms

Family heirlooms are wonderful, but if you’ve inherited or been given some jewellery that is wearing out and can’t really be successfully salvaged, sometimes it is wiser to start all over again. And if a piece that your mother or mother-in-law gave you can be resuscitated and genuinely instead of politely appreciated, then she will be overjoyed too.

The piece of your dreams

Is there a ring you’ve longed for all your life, or a special bangle or pendant? Have you seen a picture of something you would like in a magazine? Or pictures in two magazines that you would like to combine? This is the opportunity — nothing needs to be wasted and a new piece can be designed around what you already have.

Karen Lindley

You can rely on Karen Lindley, jewellery designer in Sydney. Trustworthy and professional, after over 40 years in jewellery there is not much Karen hasn’t seen, heard or done and she has the taste and experience to understand what you are looking for, even when you aren’t quite sure yourself. Karen is as happy to restore or update an heirloom or old piece for you as to create a new one. She can advise on everything, from insurance to cleaning your jewellery — and make you a piece of jewellery to treasure for life.

May your champagne wishes and caviar dreams come true!

There is nothing wrong with aspirations and ambitions. Bespoke jewellery means having the piece you’ve always wanted, instead of second best.

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