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The Latest in Australian High Fashion Jewellery

Australia Jewellery Designers – Latest Fashion Trends!

Australia has a thriving creative scene. Jewellery designers like Samantha Wills are well known around the world, and independent designers are using social media to establish themselves and build up an audience.

The one thing that connects both established jewellers and up-and-coming independent designers is their ability to design distinctive, high fashion jewellery with creativity and class. And this year should see more Australian jewellers getting the recognition they deserve.

What’s Next for Australian High Fashion Jewellery?

From developing trends, it looks as though jewellery is going to extremes with both statement pieces and delicate jewels emerging as favourites for the next season.

So, let’s look at some of the latest in high fashion jewellery and what is likely to be worn over the next few months.

Jewellery that Makes a Statement

Pandora have recently issued a line of statement pieces, and this affordable style is predicted to attract attention throughout 2018.

Their latest collection includes silver jewellery combined with blue, red or green stones in stunning pieces, which are perfect for parties and any occasion that calls for dramatic style.

Another way to incorporate statement jewellery in your overall look is to wear gem-encrusted earrings and brooches that catch the light.

Jewelled Lingerie

There have been some unusual jewellery designs over the years, but thanks to designer label Gucci, jewellery has taken another twist. Their latest line includes jewelled lingerie, but whether this becomes the next big thing in 2018 remains to be seen.

Delicate Jewels and Gems

For those who don’t have the confidence to wear statement jewellery, you’ll be glad to learn that delicate, dainty jewels are still in fashion. And By Charlotte is just one Australian brand that is taking this approach. Their range features delicate pendants, and fresh, light, flattering colours, especially pinks and blues.

By Charlotte’s pretty pieces are different enough to make the wearer stand out and they prove that you don’t need to wear bold jewellery to be noticed.

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery rarely goes out of fashion and, if the catwalks are anything to go by, vintage is still very much in for 2018. This proves that it’s always worth holding on to your old jewellery, because it’s bound to come back into fashion sooner or later.


From bold to delicate to vintage, there’s jewellery for everyone in 2018. And with a new wave of designers establishing themselves, buyers are be spoilt for choice when it comes to the latest in high fashion jewellery.

For a special piece of high fashion jewellery to suit your especial taste, speak to our gemmologist at Diamonds by Design.

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